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2021-2022 Development Journey


From June 2021, along with my good friend Nagifry, we started a small project which eventually became a journey. The goal of our project was simply to develop habits that would make us more productive and enable us to have more free time for studying. Each month, we'll write a progress summary to write up big and small accomplishments, things to improve upon, and what are goals are in the following month.

This is my journey from that point to here!


Waking up at 4am

I always liked waking up really early but also liked staying up late. But then I felt that I really wanted to try this, so I started alarming at around this time.

I also watched a video that said, the first thing you do in the morning is the most important thing to you, so I started walking my dog and also painting from the moment I wake up.

Daily Painting

My daily painting only started with me working on one big thing that I work on 1-2 hours everyday, little by little inching closer to finish.


Paintings for Hen

This is a one background with variations I did for Hen on her birthday, a project I worked on for quite a while. I was still shaky on my fundamentals but I was starting to work on my color theories.


I became more comfortable with my methods of painting and started to be more excited about experimenting, sometimes failing.



On November I had slow paintings and none during December, only coming to draw again on January. I felt worn out and felt bad I haven't painted for a while. But looking back, I started to develop other skills and habits that helped me that next following half year!

The habit I developed after that respite and art block is something that I still do today. At this point I discovered that I loved cleaning and really taking care of my place.



I painted the original at around 2016. It was one of my favorite paintings for a long time. And for that long time, I never thought I could surpass it. But even if each painting has its own merits, I think I have exceeded my past self which I am very proud of, and that past self sure must be proud of me, too.


I got into the Genshin Creator Program that I was so deathly afraid of the year before.
I was so afraid that if I start getting compensation for my efforts, that I would lose the enjoyment that In hold very dear when I'm doing my daily paintings. But on April I earned the courage to try, because now I'm more firm with my relationship with my art.

One year of working on